Virtual Concerts


Proposal for engagement for worship ministries to participate in a virtual concert within PraiseWorld3D



Think of it as a church inviting the artist to perform for a love offering.

What we do for the artist:

  • ·       Provide a venue for a virtual concert event.
  • ·       Display the love offering signs at the venue.

o   If the artist has a means to take donations, we make that available to concert attendees

o   If the artist prefers, we can arrange engaging a 3rd party (two options)

or provide using of our online store. The artist keeps all proceeds after transaction fees.

·       Collaborate on marketing deliverables

·       Provide staff to direct attendees how to use the 3D platform and engage the media event

·       Simulcast the event to Facebook, YouTube, and in a mixture of the concert video footage and from the “avatar point of view”. This is a promotional value for all parties.

·       Provide display of online outlets for purchase of artist media

·       Provide access for publication and download of all recorded video/audio of the event to the artist and/or designated agent

·       Provide a lifetime citizen account for the artists

·       Advertise the event in magazine

·       Offer to include the artists’ media in PraiseWorld3D Radio

·       Grant an account on for video storage, live streaming and a blog

·       Do a live streamed radio interview with the artist and feature audio tracks to promote the concert event

·       Promote the event within the 3D World, on our website,, streaming radio station and Facebook page

·       Work with the artist or designated technician to ensure proficient use of required technology is attained

·       Provide “command performances” of post produced recordings of the concert for the benefit of PraiseWorld3D users and maximize the ROI for the artist.

·       Provide a video demonstration for the artist or designated agent to understand the concept and answer questions

What we ask of the artist:

·       Collaboration with FrontGate Media and PraiseWorld3D to ensure congruency of marketing media

·       Promote the concert to artist’s existing fan base and social media

·       Provide post produced video or perform a live stream via for the concert event

·       Grant PraiseWorld3D LLC use of all media related to the concert event for replay purposes.

·       Provide logos, bios, etc. for the purpose of marketing the event

·       Work with PraiseWorld3D at least one week in advance of the concert to ensure production requirements are in place and the artist or designated technician is proficient. We may have tools and techniques available to ensure a professional event is ensured.

·       If the concert video is pre-recorded, we ask the artist to be present to interact with the attendees. Artists are asked to log in and create an avatar prior to the concert date and learn to navigate the software at a reasonable level.


Let's WORSHIP!!!

Virtual Concerts

Virtual Concerts

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